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a mobile PA system for


replacing all handheld microphones

We developed a tablet-based text-to-speech PA system for a UK airport, to provide consistent and clear messages for airport passengers.


The system simplifies the process of broadcasting a message, and by integrating a text to speech system, makes messages more consistent and clearer for passengers.

Using the latest technologies such as AngularJS. Typescript, Responsive Design and HTML5, we built a bespoke, flexible and robust system, that is easy for the airport staff to use. The system interfaces with the airport’s current PA system and integrates with 3rd party systems to provide the text to speech and on-demand translations.

Key functionality

The functionality includes a message library as displayed above, with options for date/time to be played, messages can repeat at selected intervals, and broadcast in specific areas of the airport. Within each pre-set message, there are optional areas enabling each message to be tailored. If the message needs to be translated, this can be done on the fly. Once ready, the message can be previewed on the system, and amended if necessary, before being sent for broadcast.

The Free Text functionality enables users to build and broadcast completely bespoke messages, which again can be broadcast at specific times to specific areas.

It’s crucial to know if the messages were played, so the system includes detailed Message History, displayed above. This will display when and who created the message, its destination, the message content, when a message was played, if the message failed or is still set to repeat. partially or whether the message was blocked because it contained a profanity. Notes can also be added to the history of each message.

The other major part of the system is an Information Library, containing details of thousands of FAQs that passengers ask, from local taxi numbers, to details of meet and greet providers and hotels.

The system's administration functionality enables user management, including assignment of multiple access levels. Message Management enables new messages to be created or existing messages to be edited.

As part of the message options, the initial message bing bong that is played can be changed, along with the default voice, priority level, the level of user access that can broadcast each message and where each message can be played.

To ensure inappropriate content is blocked from being broadcast, we built a Profanity Dictionary of over 10,000 words, only superuser access is able to override this feature.

We're proud to say that the system has been described as 'the best airport announcement system in the world'.

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"The most advanced automated PA system in any airport in the world."

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