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Medicare is a leading independent specialist in pre-hospital care and event management, providing medical cover and event management for an array of venues, and particularly race courses, across the UK.


Our Brief

In addition to redesigning its corporate website, we have built a number of online management systems for Medicare, including a clinical audit tool, a drug and equipment management system and 3 iOS Apps for ambulance inspections, staff interviews and to display Standard Operating Procedures. Our latest brief was to design and develop a Staff Portal to include an e-learning module and a Staff Rostering System, called GRS (Global Rostering System).

Our Solutions

The Staff Scheduling System is used to allocate staff to the various events for which Medicare provides medical personnel, and is crucial to enabling Medicare to ensure the required cover and number of personnel is in attendance at each event.

The Staff Rostering System enables Medicare to easily organise the staffing of their events, and automates many of the previously manual processes, saving time and potential mistakes. For instance, once a staff member is assigned to an event, the system automatically sends a series of emails notifications and reminders to that member of staff, detailing the event, timings and location. When first assigned a new event, a notification email is automatically sent to the staff member concerned, and they can then choose to accept or decline the job via a web link. If accepted, they will receive a further automated reminder email, including briefing notes, 5 days prior to the event and an automated SMS reminder message the day before.

An overall monthly view of all events is displayed in the GRS Dashboard, and this is presented in a way that is easy for Medicare to see at a glance where and when events are occurring, and whether any or enough staff have been allocated. A traffic light system further helps Medicare understand where insufficient staff, or no staff have been allocated to an event.

The system contains automatic checks for forthcoming events, again to ensure adequate cover has been allocated. Therefore, 7 days prior to an event, if insufficient staff have confirmed their attendance, the system will alert Medicare management to the potential issue. They can then take the necessary action to ensure cover at the event. If there are any changes to an event's timing, the system texts and emails all allocated staff to update them of the new details.

Our clients

"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for supporting Medicare over the last few months. We all love all the work you guys have done, brilliant work and brilliant team you have."


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