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Give your visitors an exceptional user experience regardless of their device - desktop, tablet or smartphone.

What is it?

Responsive Design (RWD) is a method of building websites that ensures no matter what device is being used, your site and its content will automatically adjust to fit the device, whether that’s a desktop, tablet or smartphone. No more resizing, panning, scrolling, pinching and zooming – regardless of the device being used, you’ll be presented with the site content in the best manner.

Responsive design

Why is it needed?

The increasing use of tablets and smartphones, with multiple screen sizes, means an ever growing number of devices, platforms and browsers that your site needs to work with.

Previously, companies created mobile websites – but why have 2 websites to maintain, when the adaptive nature of Responsive Design means you only need one?!

And this one site will work across all devices and screen sizes.

Adaptive layouts

The layout of a responsive site can change according to the device viewing it. On a desktop, a normal navigation bar is easy to read and use, but on a smartphone that same navigation shrinks to a dropdown menu, simplifying the layout for the smaller screen.

A responsive website automatically adjusts according to the device’s screen size, and orientation. Large or small, landscape or portrait, responsive sites switch between these on-the-fly.


Case studyCase study


Broxton is a leading provider of sheet metalwork and precision machined components. We were asked to design a new website that reflected not only the company, its values and ethos, but also highlighted its capabilities and competence.

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Content for different devices

Responsive web design controls the amount of content presented to the visitor.

On smartphones, you may want to limit the number and size of images displayed.

Many of our sites have 2-column layouts – in these cases, on a smartphone, or iPad rotated to portrait, the content in the right column will be placed below the main content, ensuring enough screen space to display a readable font without zooming.

One website to maintain

A single website that works across all platforms offers significant savings over creating and maintaining a separate mobile site or even native Apps.

"SearchPath designed for platform compatibility from the outset and made some extremely valuable suggestions throughout the design and build. I'm very pleased with the end result."


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