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From small projects to scalable enterprise solutions, we create powerful, custom-built software applications that can streamline your in-house processes, vastly improve efficiencies and generally help you work better.

With their experience and expertise, our developers will know what’s most appropriate for your particular requirements and how to derive optimum results from the technology we employ.

We get involved in the development of all types of online applications. Recent projects have included:

  • a tablet-based, text-to-speech passenger announcement system now being used at a major UK airport that also includes automated translations of messages
  • a series of developments for a medical services company that includes systems for staff rostering, medical audits, drug and equipment management, e-learning and document management
  • an archives storage system, with full audit trails and barcoding functionality for a storage company.
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Our experienced UX designers are skilled in industry-standard software packages such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (for design) and Axure RP (for prototyping) and will turn initial ideas and sketches into reality.

With the growth in use of mobile devices, we recommend considering a responsive design for your application.

Most of our web-based applications use a responsive design, adapting the way they look and display content across different devices, ensuring an optimal viewing experience regardless of the device being used.

Responsive Design

Airport iPad App

Case studyCase study

Airport PA System

We were commissioned by Microwatt to help build a mobile PA system controller, to provide consistent and clear messages for airport passengers.

The aim of the system is to simplify the process of broadcasting a message, and by integrating a text to speech system, to make messages more consistent and clearer for passengers.

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We’re thoroughly thorough

If it’s not obvious already, we provide a complete development process from initial consultancy and project specification, to project management, detailed usability testing, hosting, training and on-going support.

What makes us different?

What sets us apart from other similar sized digital agencies? Certainly our team of passionate, knowledgeable and experienced developers, each with complementary skills.

It’s also our clever use of technology, coded to Microsoft standards with full documentation, giving our projects speed, reliability, security, flexibility and making them easy to maintain.

"The team at SearchPath has shown great expertise and ability to understand our requirements, add value and deliver a result beyond expectation. SearchPath’s bespoke software development has enabled us to grow our Retail Analytics EPOS service through automated data capture, data validation and to provide a web portal for our clients to make more informed and insight-driven business decisions. "


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